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March 27, 2020


Top class high accuracy roundness cylindrical profi le measuring instrument


Rotation accuracy (0.02 + 3.2 H/10000) μm

Equipped with full new function and meets a need of machined parts high accuracy measurement.
It is a top class high accuracy roundness cylindrical profi le measuring instrument.

Opposed diameter measuring function (patented)

Superior feature to measure inner/ outer diameter with high repeatability.
Measure a workpiece at angles of 0 and 180 degrees on the table .
The evaluation algorithm implemented as the standard to correct the errors by temperature change and generatrix line shifting, performs highly-precise diameter measurement.

R-axis taper following function

The straightness of tapered surface can be measured by the function.
Taper angle and straightness can be measured even if it excess the range of the detector.

Offset type CNC and manual detector holder (patented)

*Standard accessory for RONDCOM NEX 300 system

Mechanism for measuring wide variety of workpieces without interfering with R-axis is equipped, as a standard.This function (manual type) provided to NEX100 system enables to measure outer diameter and flatness on upper face by tilting the folder. CNC type detector equipped in NEX200/300 provides the fully automated detector position control to switch the inner/outer diameters, upper/lower faces, taper face etc. for enhancing extremely the measurement efficiency.

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